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Is an interior designer for me? Here are 7 reasons they are.

Ever find yourself saying any of the following?

"I've got about 8 Pinterest boards but just can't decide where to go from here"

"I just need time to get round to choosing the colours"

"I can't make my mind up"

"I keep scrolling but everything is starting to look the same"

"We just never get round to it!"

So many people think interior designers are expensive or that their project is too small, you might find you will be surprised with the affordable packages many designers offer.

Here are 7 reasons why you should work with one:

1. Creating your home should be fun not stressful!

Turning a house into a home that reflects who you are and works for your lifestyle should be a joy. However, lets face it, the joy can often become stressful, time consuming and something that never quite gets ticked off the list. A designer will take away the stress of making the little decisions and give you back time which you can enjoy guilt free without feeling like there is something you should be doing. All designers should start with a consultation to ensure they get to know you, your style and your needs. From there, they will take into account your budget, create a layout that maximises the potential of your space, and presents you with a full, complete design (you can even opt for a click through shopping list saving hours of scrolling!).

2. To find your style

With so many inspirational images on Pinterest, Instagram and in magazines it is really to fall in love with multiple styles and get a bit lost with the direction for your home. Interior Designers will gently probe with the right questions to pick out your loves and help you define your home style. Part of their job is turning all your ideas into a cohesive beautiful design.

3. To save you time

Be honest, how long do you spend scrolling through websites, reading reviews or trapesing round the shops (even though it is wonderful to have everything back

open!)? An interior designer will source the right products for your design providing you with detailed options that work for your room.

4. To save you money

Yep - you read it right! You might be paying for a service but you will be able to benefit from their relationships with retailers. Designers have access to a range of trade discounts saving your money on items from sofas to smaller accessories. They have the expertise and know how to create lux looks within a budget that works for you. They will help you manage your spend finding affordable options to fit your goals.

5. For fresh professional eyes

An interior designer will look at your space with fresh eyes. They won't have attachments to your rooms in the same way you do so will present you with fresh options and an approach you may not have considered. They are trained professionals and will have the experience and talent to present unique options and solutions for your home. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and perspective is exactly what it takes to complete a project and ensure your home becomes the gorgeous sanctuary you deserve.

6. To give your room a polished finish

Too often projects get to 90% and then life gets in the way. Your designer will create a finished design that has the WOW factor and includes the finishing touches to complete your rooms. It might be the finishing accessories or styling advice, your designer will work with you and advise you on how to create the WOW.

7. You can start your project without even leaving your home

Most designers offer different ways of working with clients - this includes remotely. If you are worried about finding the time to meet with someone in person or the extra costs this adds to a project then many remote design would be for you. EDesigns are a offer great value as meetings and consultations are held virtually and you can provide your designer with room measurements. This means you can work with a designer at the other end of the country without having to factor in additional travel costs. One of the positives that has come out of the pandemic is the improved facilities which mean meetings can happen in home.

There you have it. The 7 main reasons for working with an interior designer. I could have written more but seven is a great number - 7 dwarves, 7 colours in the rainbow, 7 days a week... 7 reasons to work with a designer.

I hope you have found this useful - let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thank you!


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